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Derbyshire VIllage

Derbyshire VIllage

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cart Before the Horse???

I was nearing the end of making the edits on A Well Dressed Corpse, book eight for Taylor & Graham.  In the back most pages of the book there is one page for the upcoming novel synopsis -- a promo to entice Corpse's readers to look forward to the ninth Taylor & Graham novel.  Which is fine.  I've actually seen first chapters of the next book in the series printed in books.  It's nice to see what's coming and to get your mouth watering.  Only trouble with this request is I had no new book waiting in the wings!  I'd just completed making the changes and corrections that David suggested for Torch Song, which is book three for McLaren.  And I'd just started writing my stand alone book, which I wanted to do right now, "between books," to give me a break from writing mysteries.  Ten in a row demanded that I rest my feeble brain.  So, consequently, I have no book for Taylor & Graham as I do for McLaren.

Panic did not set in, however.  Sorry to disappoint you.  I knew what custom I would use in T&G's book eight, but I had never seen it in real life.  Nor did I know much about it.  One reason I was going to meet up with Paul Davenport in England this summer -- he's part of a sword dancing group.  He'd asked me whether I wanted to see a sword or rapper dance.  Me, being uneducated, said I didn't know, but either sounded good.  Well, after the demand for an enticing synopsis for book nine presented itself, I thought I better come up with a good story for the book so I could write the exciting synopsis that would send dozens of people to for the book.  So I did some research on sword and rapper dancing.  After thirty minutes my eyes were glazed but I knew I wanted to use the rapper dance for the custom in book nine.  I even discovered a website that shows about a dozen rapper dances being performed.

Yes, I'd like to meet up with Paul's group, see the dance live and ask a bunch of questions of the guys.  But the videos are lovely and I feel I can write Taylor & Graham's ninth book even if my schedule and Paul's schedule don't jive.  I wrote my synopsis, titled the book, and plopped it into the correct page of the finished draft and emailed it off to the publisher.

Now to see if the book evolves the way the synopsis states it!  I guess I'll fine out...and you, if you read about a year.  Cheers!

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