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Welcome! Since I write two English mystery series, I thought it would be fun to chat about that. And about England. Specifically, Derbyshire, since that is the county I know the best. If you have questions about my books, about mysteries or your own writing, or want to know something about England -- perhaps you're planning a visit -- I'd love to talk with you. Let's start chatting, shall we?

Derbyshire VIllage

Derbyshire VIllage

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is it me or...

I don't know.  Common sense doesn't seem to be as common anymore.  At least not as plentiful as in my younger years.  I am referring at the moment to an enlargement I ordered from one of my "Edinburgh photos."  I took the photo with my trusty digital camera.  I requested an 8x10" print.  I got it this morning.  In order to make it the requested size, "they" cropped off the top part of the digital image!  Maybe one and a half to two inches!  Just didn't print that part!  Now, maybe it's me and not the rest of the world, but if I had been the print technician, I would have asked the customer if it was crucial that the print be 8x10" and explain that due to the original photo dimensions, it does not convert exactly into 8x10"  I was a graphic designer for over two decades -- I know about enlarging graphic images!  Of course, the part of the photo I really wanted, the part that 'makes' the image, is the top part that's missing.  As I sighed it me or is it the rest of the world?  I plop the image in question here.  Obliterate the top part where the hills and reflection are and see what I'm talking about -- those hills are what give the photo character and depth of view, for pete's sake!  My lovely little enlargement runs from where the reflection stops to the bottom of the photo.  Grrr....

I took this on my Edinburgh trip, as mentioned in a previous installment.  The snow was melting at the time of this adventure.  I got some photos of the mountains with snow on them but was slightly disappointed there wasn't more snow.  Missed the Big Dump!  The St Louis area got some snow last night -- not much.  I judge about three inches, seeing what's on my picnic table on the back deck.  Still, it's pretty and makes for some nice photos.  The birds are flocking (no pun intended) to the feeders in my back yard and it's a challenge to keep them filled.  I know, to a degree, what they're going thru -- I tend to eat more in the winter than in the summer.  Ya need that fuel to keep ya warm.

Well, that's it for this time.  Gotta go outside to shovel the walk.

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