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Welcome! Since I write two English mystery series, I thought it would be fun to chat about that. And about England. Specifically, Derbyshire, since that is the county I know the best. If you have questions about my books, about mysteries or your own writing, or want to know something about England -- perhaps you're planning a visit -- I'd love to talk with you. Let's start chatting, shall we?

Derbyshire VIllage

Derbyshire VIllage

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If at first you don't succeed...

I hope you're seated when you read this: I finished plotting the third McLaren book.  Doesn't sound so knee weakening or earth shaking?  It is when you consider that my brain's been wrapped around a crime different from the one that ended up in the plot.  All because I'm not at arsonist, I guess.  Even with researching things I could not come up with something.  Neither could David or his mates.  I guess none of them ever handled an arson case that resulted in a murder.  Which is good...but that's what I needed for my novel plot.

But at least I have a story and I hope to start writing after this coming weekend.  I've got the characters et al and am rarin' to start on this, but I've got seven talks/book signings from Friday morning to Monday night.  And even if I could wrangle some time between all this, my author friend Esther will be staying with me.  So I can't leave her sitting on the couch and write.  Don't worry...I'll get to it.  It'll give my brain a while to absorb the characters and storyline.

Still have yet to hear from anyone at the two English great homes.  I find this amazing, as people have been so helpful in the past.  Maybe I just need to talk to someone in person -- I'm hoping to do that when I'm over there next year.

I may as well hit a bunch of places.  I could line up permission from great homes/castles/National Trust places in advance of my using them in McLaren stories.  'In person' always seems to lend credence to a request, too.  Even tho I gave Lesley's name and phone number in my note, who knows where the email goes?  And when I talk to the curator or whomever, I can hand them a book, furthering my credentials.  Maybe I better have a list of potential usable places in my suitcase....

Anyway, plot three for McLaren is done and I think it's good.  He gets into a jam, thru no fault of his own, and things look a bit hairy for a while.  But he's a tough, resourceful guy, and can get out of trouble!

The McLaren posters that I ordered have arrived and I'll be offering them for sale in little over a week.  Thought I'd try an arts and crafts event.  I'll have a booth there and can kind of judge interest that way.  I realize people won't necessarily have read Siren Song, but someone ought to want to take McLaren home.  I mean, look at him!

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