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Derbyshire VIllage

Derbyshire VIllage

Monday, August 2, 2010

All Mysteries Aren't in Novels

I didn't mean to wait so long in between postings -- I thought I'd have something more to say about the future of my Taylor & Graham novels.  That keeps being drawn out, so I have no Happy Ending (or any ending) to report right now.  I do find it odd, though, that my fifth novel, Horns of a Dilemma, can not be found for sale on the internet anywhere in the world.  I mean that literally.  I did a google search for the book; I logged on to book seller sites in New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, India, South Africa....  Other countries and sellers -- nothing.  The same notation "Not Available" is posted at each site.  I find that very odd and very upsetting.  The book's supposed to still be in print, according to the contract.  The only thing I can assume from this is that a contract was signed with Harlequin to bring it out in mass market paperback, to keep company with the earlier books in the series.  If this is so, Horns may be unavailable to buy for a year, until the mass market edition is printed.  This will play havoc with my plans to sell the book at endangered animal places.  I feel as though I've fallen into the movie production of The List of Adrian Messenger, except I am unaware of it -- my books being picked off one by one and unavailable.  Where's George C. Scott when I need him....  This has eerie overtones of the incident that started this whole lawyer/publisher game, not being able to find a copy of Twelfth Night anywhere.  I did find something very odd (in my opinion), though, when I was trying to find a copy of Horns.  Two internet book sellers -- based in Florida, of all places -- are offering new copies of the book for sale.  One seller has a price of $140.99; the other (wait for it) is asking $219.75.  I know my mouth dropped open.  Why so much for a $20 book -- a trade paper edition?  Does not make sense.  I thought for sure there was a conspiracy going on.  I emailed both sellers, asking why in the world they put such a high price on the book.  Funny thing, neither of them has replied.  Looks like the few I have are worth a fortune, then!  I'm in the wrong end of this book business.

On to a happier, more sane topic: I got a very nice review on Siren Song a few days ago.  I like nice reviews.  Nice reviews let me assume what I'm writing is good and interesting.  Nice reviews help launch the new series, which is a lot better than writing a first book that garners yawns or negative responses.  Nice reviews also help lull me to sleep.  If you'd like to read this nice review, you can click the link.  This will take you directly to the page of the nice review.
I got another nice review from Mystery Lovers Corner, but I won't bore you with that.  You might think I'm getting a swelled head.

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